Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

Planning a proper party venue at Melbourne is the great solution for the time stretched host or hostess where majority of the preparations can be done in advance.  Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

Hosting Melbourne party venue at your home may not as easy as preparing in the function venues at Melbourne, but hopefully with those following tips you can still hold a great pool party like the Melbourne function venues with limited budgets.

Because the function event could only take for three to four hours, it is a good way to reach MAXIMUM EFFECT with MINIMAL EFFORT! And it is also a great way for meeting new friends or boosting your business or career success. Melbourne function events are the perfect occasion for casual entertaining, no matter for business, or pleasure.

The Essential Basics

The first and single most essential decision to make when planning a party venue at Melbourne is simply: What is the reason for me to host this party, and what kind of party do I want it to be?

  • What is the special occasion?
  • Do I want to create a BIG impression?
  • Is it a after work venues?
  • D I need function room hire?
  • ……or is it purely for entertainment?

Once you have got the answers for those questions, it will take you into making your plans:

  • Is it a formal party venue,or a casual cocktail party at Melbourne? That decision decides the dress code and the tone.
  • How many guests SHOULD be on my invitation list?
  • How many guests could I AFFORD to invite (thinking about the space as well as budget)?
  • In Conclusion: how many guests should I invite.

Now think about who are the guests? A very important decision of any successful party venue is the right combination of guests. Different ages, backgrounds and interests. That would give sparkling conversation!

Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

Planning Melbourne Function Venue Drinks

If you are hosting a party venue around “cocktails”, best suggestion I can offer is to limit the selection to probably 3 or 4 drinks only. Supplement that with champagne and/or an option of red and white wines.

For a two hour party, I would recommend a generous 1 bottle of wine or champagne per person. Many guests will begin the party with 1 or probably 2 cocktails and then move onto wine, champagne or soft drinks.

Should I hire Caterers……or perhaps a  Personal chef?

That certainly relies on your budget, but in addition, you have to keep in mind that you need to be realistic! Are you willing to spend the entire evening cooking, serving as well as cleaning up? Or do you sooner (and probably NEED to!) instead, be circulating with your guests, engaging in the conversations……and having a good time yourself?

When planning a party venue you might also want to  thinking about hiring a bartender and serving staff like in Melbourne function venues. And for a real touch of luxury and sophistication, thinking about hiring a butler like in function venues room He or she will quietly and discreetly help you through the party.

Now you can really begin enjoying yourself with planning the theme, menu, drinks and decorations.

Making Party Venue Menu

Planning a party venue menu will largely be decided by your budget, and whether or not you are thinking to hire caterers. Even if with a limited budget, and as long as you have enough time, it is still possible to have a magnificent yet simple selection of cocktail party food like in function venues.

Think about trying to have a combination of both hot and cold party nibbles and canapés. Tray the food up and attractively garnish, and keep the flow of dishes coming throughout the party. Keep in mind that though that you are not hosting “dinner”, so quality is far much more important than quantity. On average, you need to  allow 6 to 8 canapés per person.

If both time AND budget are a little tight, thinking about preparing in a selection of prepared gourmet appetisers and canapés. Professionally produced, these dishes can definitely to you are your guests a deep impression, and they need never know your little secret!

Melbourne Function Party Theme and Decorations

Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

Melbourne Function Venue: How to Planning a Proper Party Venue

I would prefer  to keep function venue party themes to a minimum – make the food and drinks be the center! Elegance is usually the key to success, so dress your function room with the best and most pretty flower arrangements that you could afford. Such as, light the function room with candles, decorate side tables with tablecloths as well as play some gentle cocktail music in the background.

Some Final points for Planning a Function Party Venue

  • You do not have to feel that you must serve COCKTAILS for a cocktail party! Champagne and/or wine are also impressive and acceptable.
  • Always offer a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks, with coffee available towards the ending of the evening party.
  • Send through your Melbourne party venue invitations cards 2 to 3 weeks beforehand. Nowadays,  sending them invitation emails seems like perfectly acceptable.
  • Prepare twice as many glasses as you have guests
  • For achieving maximum sociability, continue to circulate throughout the party with trays of canapés and drinks.
  • Remember to keep a telephone number of your local cab company to send any guests who might have over indulged a little after the Melbourne party venue.
  • Make sure you have enough ice.
Melbourne Function Venue Pulo Pool
Melbourne Function Venue Pulo Pool
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