Hall Can Make A Good Function Venue In Melbourne
Hall Can Make A Good Function Venue In Melbourne
May 15, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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Function Venue Melbourne:10 good ideas for your 30th Birthday Party

Function Venue Melbourne 30 birthday party

There’s no reason to cry that kissing your 20s goodbye. Hitting the big 3-0 isn’t all that unacceptable, especially when you throw out an amazing party! Whip out the balloons and the birthday cake. Function Venue Melbourne – PuloPool – help you with your amazing party. After all, you deserve an unforgettable celebration worthy of 30 years of being you. And, with the ultimate party to kick off your new decade, we think 30 might be your best year yet!

1. Bar Sign: Parties are a good excuse to let loose and pop some champagne. What better way to announce that than with some neon and glitter?

2. Glitter Photos: There are so many great things going on in your 30’s party, from the tinsel number 30 to the metallic cupcake liners. What Function Venue Melbourne favorite aspect is the tribute to your memories. You’ve got a lot of them, so let them sparkle at your party by setting out old photos as decor.

3. Grown-Up Birthday Cake: The Natty Ice that seems to be your pals when you turned 21 while not go over as well these days. Even so, you can still enjoy a cake full of beer in a more delicious way. FROM Function Venue Melbourne.

4. 30th Bonfire: Candles are so 20s. Now that you’re 30! Just set up matches to spell out your age and let the whole new decade light up the night, bonfire-style!

5. Balloon Chandelier: String your favorite photos of you and your friends up to helium balloons to float your memories right over your guests’ heads. They’ll love plucking timeless pics straight out of the air and reminiscing with you.

6. Chanel 30 Theme: If you love following the fashion as much as you love for a good party, put your love together with a Chanel No. 30 theme. It will be a sure way to celebrate 30 in style.

7. Oreo Pops: There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday with a little reminder of the good old days. In this case, the ’80s! Tag Oreos on a stick with your favorited ’80s memories, from PacMan to New Kids on the Block.

8. Funny 30th Birthday Tote Bag ($14): 30 is definitely old enough to start lying about your age, and this hilarious tote is here to help. FROM Function Venue Melbourne.

9. Custom Kisses: Kiss your 20s goodbye with a bowl full of legit kisses! Tag ’em with initialed labels, a big 3-0 or other special notes.

10. 30 Wishes: Each guest writes out 30 wishes for the birthday girl or boy, and ties each to the string of a balloon. Set the wishes free after blowing out the candles for a display no one will ever forget.

Melbourne Function Venue Pulo Pool
Melbourne Function Venue Pulo Pool
Melbourne Function Venue Pulo Pool is more than just a pool hall. At Pulo we not only offer guests a stylish environment to play pool, but also the best quality equipment, free WiFi, great music, darts, massage chairs and much more. With a fully licensed bar and daily drink specials, our guests can enjoy basic and premium spirits, wine, beer or alternatively, have your favourite cocktail mixed! Pulo Pool Parlour is a fantastic venue for your next private or corporate function.